Krooztune Suspension

Krooztune Suspension

Krooztune Suspension

Krooz Tune Suspension have a specialised engineering facility in Boronia, Victoria. We operate from a fully-equipped factory, not a shed or backyard. We have been in operation for 15 years, with over 21 years experience in motorcycle suspension.

David Krsevand

Founder of Krooztune Suspension, Dave has helped engineer winning machines for some of motorcycle racing’s biggest names. Dave has many years of experience in suspension technology across all areas. His knowledge of both road and dirt makes him a valuable asset to the company. David oversees all Machining and Fabrication right through from design to the race track.

Marty Richie

Marty is the other half of Krooztune Suspension. Focusing mainly on dirt, Marty has been working with motorcycles for over 13 years. During this time he has worked on the Australian MX circuit for Cisco’s Race Tuning, YRD, Reynolds Racing, Peter Stevens Suzuki, Full Throttle Honda and No Fear Honda as head technician.

Owen Chadwick

Owen Started with Krooztune Suspension in late 2007 and has worked hard to achieve a high standard in work quality. Owen is well versed in all service work, fork seals, shock rebuilds and general suspension maintenance. His continual meticulous approach & high standard of work is part of keeping Krooztune ahead of the pack when it comes to suspension.

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Krooztune Suspension

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Flat wordlwide shipping rate of $45 international DHL shipping Worldwide –  $60 for SFF kits. Most deliveries shipping to USA/Canada/UK in 3 – 4 days.

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