Krooztune Flow Adjuster Kit

Suits WP Xplor 48 forks KTM / Husqvarna Offroad range
    Krooztune Flow Adjuster Kit
    Krooztune Flow Adjuster Kit

    The Xplor FA adjuster makes huge damping changes due
    to its unique design and ability to change the compression
    flow rate inside the fork without disassembly.

    Kit includes

    • Complete ‘fine increment’ Flow Adjuster Fork cap
    • Unique Mid post adjustable assembly complete with piston and tunable shim stack
    • Adjuster pin
    • Detailed instruction manual complete with photos
    • Works and fits with all existing OEM WP parts.
    • Fitment in under 1 hr by any competent tuner or mechanic

    Our initial test of the Xplor fork revealed the following

    • Diving under heavy braking and steep downhill terrain
    • A stock compression adjuster with a very limited range of adjustment
    • Unstable corner entry
    • No mid-stroke support in the fork action, especially on downhills and over dropoffs
    • Easily bottoms out with a no damping feel to the rider on hard hits
    Krooztune Flow Adjuster Kit

    Krooztune Flow Adjuster Kit

    Our ‘Flow adjuster kit’ comes with a Mid-speed piston and new post assembly matched with a tuneable shim stack to suit the Xplor48 fork.  The Krooztune ‘FA’ fork cap is tuneable in fine increments allowing for a true 20+ clicks of workable and noticeable adjustment!  This adjuster can be set from a super firm setting (1 click out from full in) all the way through to a plush setting at around 18-20 clicks out.  Test riders quickly found a comfortable window fairly quickly that suited their ability and terrain.

    Harry Tetley – Vic U19 Offroad champ

    ‘8-10 clicks out , I can run at a fast pace on a  motocross track, 14-15 clicks is around my perfect setting for victorian off-road racing. I like it plush at 20 clicks out, for use in rock gardens, slow riding and technical obstacles.

    Features of our FA kit

    • Easy under bar adjustment
    • Real adjustment with great rider feel
    • Reduced front end dive under brakes and steep downhills
    • Plush to firm in a few seconds with our unique flow adjustment
    • Great bottoming resistance with support that holds up
    • Tuneable shim stack easily revalved by a competent tuner
    • Base setting provided and installed
    • Offroad plush, to a firm ’motocross like’ setting in seconds
    • Easy fitment by a suspension tuner
    • Designed to work with all OEM WP parts and is easily reversible back to stock components
    • Adjuster clicker designed to be easily adjusted with gloves on. Strong clicker indent and good finger purchase on the clicker knob allow changes to be made easily and accurately.
    Krooztune Flow Adjuster Kit

    Krooztune Tested

    After initial tests with the standard Xplor48 fork we found it to be great at slow speed and gentle riding as it has a soft ‘divey’ feel in stock trim.  This is a decent setting for the average beginner rider.  When we upped the pace a little and took the fork through its paces its limitations and harshness were quickly found.  Tuning the stock fork and upgrading springs if needed are a good first step to get this fork rideable and raceable.  However, the biggest issue with the OEM setup was the lack of support, bottoming control and severe lack of compression adjustment.  This limits the rider to the valving setup installed and really no more.  We simply couldn’t get any real noticeable adjustment softer or harder with the fork once assembled.

    Our test riders and customers wanted a fork that would give them a range of adjustment that would work well across offroad and motocross like duties.   Our target was a solution that improved the WP Xplor 48 system to retain plushness and build in a far wider range of soft & hard adjustability at an unprecedented level.   Having real time adjustability to ride trails one day and hit the motocross park the next was our ultimate goal.


    Installing the new ‘FA’ Mid piston balances out the damping duties across both fork legs and allows for a more easily tuneable fork.  After testing we found amazing control, plushness and any bottoming issues were gone.  The major difference test riders noted was the downhill support when they had found their preferred clicker setting, allowing for faster descent, harder braking and more aggressive hits on drop offs and jumps without fearing the fork emptying out. Then quickly adjusting it to a soft setting and trail riding through technical terrain.

    Dial in the clicker for your own personal range, most riders fine tuning it to a 3-4 click window that suits their speed and terrain.

    Adjusting the front suspension is extremely easy with our ‘FA’ adjuster fork cap.  Wind the ‘FA clicker’ full in until it stops gently clockwise.  Count out the clicks anti-clockwise to the required setting, for example, 15 clicks out.  Adjust until it’s spot on for your rider, speed and terrain.

    Krooztune Flow Adjuster Kit

    A ‘Motocross like’ setting thru to a super plush trail setup.

    The FA adjuster makes huge damping changes due to its unique design and ability to change the compression flow rate inside the fork without disassembly.

    Example settings

    • 8-10 clicks out for a motocross like feel
    • 14-15 clicks out for enduro trail riding
    • 19-20+ clicks out for plush technical riding
    Krooztune Flow Adjuster Kit

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