KTM EXC Xplor Complete Upgrade kit

KTM 2017/2018/2019
    KTM EXC Xplor Complete Upgrade kit

    Key Performance upgrades in 2019 (New kits available now  for both KTM 2017-18 and 2019 options)

    Flow Adjuster Cap

    Improved flow adjuster cap with a slick turning adjuster with more indented clicks. Better feel more ease of adjusting with gloves on.  This was achieved by redesigning the whole adjuster mech and changing to brass drive pins enabling the smooth action that lasts through the dirt and grime of Off road Moto.  Fine increments are set as this FA adjuster is super powerful basically revalving your fork on the fly.

    From super stiff hold up to divey plush, this adjuster can create that feeling from 1-20 clicks out on the adjuster ! Obviously somewhere in the middle will suit you.  Our top Pro’s prefer around 10 clicks out where as us weekend guys here in the shop prefer 14-16 for a softer in hand feel. Big hills coming up , easy click it up to 12.

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    KTM EXC Xplor Complete Upgrade kit

    2019 Upgraded Mid-valve Assembly

    O’Ring location on the adjuster pin on the mid-valve assembly allows us to send out the adjuster mech complete for super easy install. No more worries of ‘which way does this go??’ Its all ready to go into the end of your damper rod in a complete ‘swap out’ replacement for the weak OEM comp unit.

    KTM EXC Xplor Complete Upgrade kit

    Compression piston & Base Adjuster

    • 4 Port compression pistons for finer tuning ability and less ‘blow out’ on big hits. We can achieve firmer compression setting whilst retaining a plush feel changing to this design. Fitted to both fork legs with shim stacks supplied for easy install.
    • Base adjuster, replaces the stock non adjustable unit,  fitted to the bottom of the rebound fork only. This adjuster fitted to the rebound leg only will offer greater noticable changes in compression setup. First off it runs a bleed from the system straight away making this plusher in hand. With a working range of around 4-20 clicks it allows for fine tuning of the compression on tree roots, rocks and small logs.  Take the sharp hits out while not adjusting the powerful flow adjuster. Ultimate Settings can be achieved by balancing out the 2 adjusters. This enables less stress on the tuner getting the setting perfect for you. Not happy with the valving and initial setting installed for you from the spec sheet or your local tuner? Re work it out on the trail. This kit is super adjustable, soft to hard.  Base Clicker setting supplied.
    • All new valving/shim settings are available to suit all year model Xplor bikes. Got a 2017 bike? Upgrade to 2019 tested specs and setup easily
    KTM EXC Xplor Complete Upgrade kit

    Rear shock XPLOR Upgrade kit

    After hours on the trail with our test bike and riders we have put together an upgrade for the hard harsh KTM XPlor shock. After trying various valving settings initial plushness was not achieved until we installed a bleed circuit  into the compression pathway just like other opposition brand suspension have. The XPLOR shock has no ‘give’ on very initial action and softening the valving or setting only resulted in wallow and blow out. Our shaft bleed mod comes with a new compression valve spacer , CNC machined ready to bolt straight onto the shock shaft (replacing the oem shaft spacer swap in / out).  A simple procedure to drill the new bleed circuit is then required , but very easy to do with our supplied drill bit and instruction. All valving is ready to go on and assembled as per shock building procedures.

    Complete swap over Nitrogen can and genuine bladder to replace the oem nitrogen can and piston setup. The OEM Xplor shock runs a nitrogen separating piston that keeps the oil and nitrogen gas separate.  This piston fires up and down the oem can with every bump you hit generating friction and stiction! Our unit is much more like the Bladder equipped ‘high end WP trax shock’ and uses a rubber bladder filled with nitrogen to separate it from the oil.  This rubber bladder simply squeezes in and out like a balloon during bump absorption allowing for minimal movement and more gas volume. The result , a smoother shock that fades out less. They don’t run this setup in there high end ‘WP trax’ shock for no reason. A simple performance add on that will make any internal XPLOR Shock setting better regardless of setup.

    KTM EXC Xplor Complete Upgrade kit

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