Honda CRF250 Air to Spring Fork Conversion Kit

Suzuki RMZ450 Air to Spring Fork Conversion Kit
Suits Honda CRF250 2015-2017

    Honda CRF250 Air to Spring Fork Conversion Kit

    Our Honda CRF250 Air to Spring Fork Conversion Kit is a complete replacement cartridge assembly for your current SHOWA TAC AIR Fork setup.  It is designed to completely remove all the Air system from your current Showa TAC Fork and replace it with a preload adjustable spring and cartridge setup.  

    High Quality German Engineered ‘Eibach’ Springs are available to suit varying rider weights, Please advise upon order or let us know your weight and speed  and we will recommend the best spring for you.

    Parts included in the kit

    • Fully Complete Cartridge assembly
    • Optional Eibach spring to suit this kit
    Honda CRF250 Air to Spring Fork Conversion Kit
    Honda CRF250 Air to Spring Fork Conversion Kit

    Honda CRF250 Air to Spring Fork Conversion Kit Key Features

    • Never have to set your air pressure ever again
    • Much more reliable fork
    • No Fade out or pump up in pressure over long moto’s
    • A Constant feel in your front end that  is more consistent throughout the ride
    • Spring Pre load adjustable minimal tools are required for fitment. If you have the Fork cap and basic tools to remove the standard OEM Air cartridge you will have the ability to fit up our kit.  Our cartridge kit is made from High grade 6061 Aircraft Grade Alloy , Chrome Moly rods and Anodised for a Factory Finish. Instruction manual included.   

    Spring Recommendations

    General riding & Motocross applications

    These recommendations  are a guide only as fork Springs are weight and speed dependant. For example a 72 kg Pro rider falls into the 0.88kg/mm category but may well be better suited to a 0.92kg spring due to the much higher corner entry speed and the ability to hit large bumps at high speeds. Please note this guide is for rider weight ‘without’ gear.

    Please note we have had great results using one spring down for Veteran/ C level riders on the 450 machines.  Eg. 90kg rider running a 0.96kg/mm spring for a plusher ride.

    For more accurate advice please consult your local suspension tech or send us an email.

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    Honda CRF250

    • < 60kg – 0.80 kg/mm
    • 60-65kg – 0.84 kg/mm
    • 65-75kg – 0.88 kg/mm
    • 75-85kg – 0.92 kg/mm
    • 85-95kg – 0.96 kg/mm
    • 95kg > – 1.0 kg/mm

$20 Flat Shipping within Australia

Flat wordlwide shipping rate of $45 international DHL shipping Worldwide –  $60 for SFF kits. Most deliveries shipping to USA/Canada/UK in 3 – 4 days.