Adventure Bikes

Krooztune offer a wide range of custom design & developed lowering kits to suit many road and off road bikes. All of our bike lowering kits are made with quality materials and machined in-house within Australia, ensuring the highest possible quality. Our typical lowering kit will lower your bike 30 to 50mm with most kits having the two lowering length options. Need some more grip on the ground? Control of your bike? Our Lowering Kits and Linkages are designed to get you riding your bike with confidence and control, while keeping the best suspension response and handling you can get. All kits are manufactured in house with a high precision CNC billet machining process, resulting in a light weight high strength linkage. Linkages come with the bearings pre-fitted, and use the seals and sleeve from your standard linkage.Designed to lower your motorcycle in two variants in either a – 30mm kit or -50mm kit.  We have designed and manufactured this complete kit in house here at Krooztune from start to finish using our experience in custom lowering these bikes. The main focus on designing this kit was to retain the Front to rear balance of the bike whilst lowering the bike closer to the ground . The common mistake of lowering the bike at one end only results in a bike that is out of balance, hard to steer and greatly affects the handling / chassis characteristics of this Motorcycle.

$20 Flat Shipping within Australia

Flat wordlwide shipping rate of $45 international DHL shipping Worldwide –  $60 for SFF kits. Most deliveries shipping to USA/Canada/UK in 3 – 4 days.